God is Good, God is Great

Jehovah (the relational God)—Gen. 2:4
Jehovah-Jireh (the Lord will provide)—Gen. 22:8–14

We who are in Christ, are so blessed. We have been lavished with grace. There are times
when this is so obvious in our lives. There are other times when we need to rehearse in our
minds and hearts the attributes of God that remind us of this marvelous grace.

Today, while I was gardening, I began to dialogue with God. Gardening has so many spiritual
lessons. At first it was about the weeds that we allow to remain in our garden become
increasingly difficult to remove. Best to keep those weeds managed!!!

The main lesson today dealt with the mosquitoes. I began to ask for help with the mosquitoes. I
had sprayed with powerful repellent but these mosquitoes would not be denied. I guess I was
hoping for this miraculous disappearance of those pesky insects. But all of a sudden the rain
began. I continued to pull weeds in my flower bed and noticed the mosquitoes were no longer
hovering around me. Normally I would have wrapped things up and gone inside until the rain
stopped. But instead, I began to laugh and say God that was not the way I was expecting, but
I will take it. I proceeded to work in that bed for a good two more hours. There was lots of
mud that had been generated from the rain and I began to slip. At one point I felt this wiggly
thing in my shoe. (Yes it was a worm seeking refuge from the commotion). Finally, as I was
wrapping things up, I stepping out of the garden into the yard, I slipped in the mud and landed
on my rear end. At first I thought I had injured my wrist. Then I took inventory on my self and
began to laugh out loud.

After the weeds were gone, the sun began to come out and I heard the annoying sounds of
buzzing near my ears. Yes, I was finished.

I went inside to shower and as I did, I lifted my head up and just thanked God for such a great
time. I had the best time with Him. He is so much fun and a really great gardener.

So for me today, He was the provider of the rain that chased always those pesky insects, and
He and I had such a good time in fellowship with one another. He is such a relational God.

Spend time today thinking on the names of God. How did He show up for you today?

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